Tuesday, 26 June, 2007

Windows Communication Framework Interview Question

Windows Communication Framework Interview Question

· What is .NET Framework 3?
· What is Windows CardSpace ?
· What is WCF?
· What are the important principles of SOA (Service oriented Architecture)?
· What are end points, contract, address and bindings?
· Which specifications does WCF follow?
· What are the main components of WCF?
· What are different bindings supported by WCF?
· Which are the various programming approaches for WCF?
· What is one way operation?
· Can you explain duplex contracts in WCF?
· How can we host a service on two different protocols on a single server?
· How can we use MSMQ bindings in WCF?
· Can you explain transactions in WCF?
· Can you explain how End points, Contract, Address and Bindings are done in WCF?
· What is a service class?
· What is a service contract, operation contract and Data Contract?
· What are the various ways of hosting a WCF service?
· How do we host a WCF service in IIS?
· What are the advantages of hosting WCF Services in IIS as compared to self hosting?
· What are the major differences between services and Web services?
· What is the difference WCF and Web services?
· What different transaction isolation levels provided in WCF?
· Can we do transactions using MSMQ?
· Can we have two way communications in MSMQ?
· Explain Volatile queues, Dead letter queues & poison message?

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