Thursday, 28 June, 2007

Why Freelance SEO?

Why Freelance SEO?

There are 100s of professional companies, which are providing SEO service. They claim that they can promote your website, so as to rank you well in search engines. But, so called Professional companies charge huge amounts for SEO work.

- Millions of websites available on internet on thousands of topics.
- 3 major search engine giants - GOOGLE, YAHOO & MSN.
- More than 75% of the internet traffic comes from these search giants.
- Less than 1% people go to 10th or 100th result page of a search engine
- More than 90% of people check only 1st and 2nd page of search result.

Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary tool.

Why SEO companies charge HUGE AMOUNTS for SEO SERVICES :

- They have to pay salary to their employees.
- They have to pay office rent.
- Some companies charge high amounts due to their brand name.
- They have to pay for advertising.

Now, after mixing all above, they will obviously charge much more than a freelancer.

Freelancer will charge less as:

- He is not going to pay salary to his employees as he himself is the owner and himself employee.
- He may not have to pay office rent as he can do SEO work in the comfort of his own home.
- He does'nt have a brand name.
- He will have to work hard to locate his clients and then again work hard to prove his worth.
- He has not to pay for advertising. His hard work for locating the clients is his self promotion and advertising.

As I mentioned earlier that quality of education has improved a lot, therefore, educational qualifications of company employers are same as that of a freelancer. Therefore, a freelancer SEO specialist can provide Quality Website Promotion (SEO) at Lesser Cost making it economical for it's clients and saving their valuable money.

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