Thursday, 28 June, 2007

SEO - Freelance Website Promotion

Freelance Website Promotion is a search engine marketing company based in Amritsar (India) which provides it's services for search engine optimization, link popularity building, PPC campaign management with technical skills to its clients. Our team of freelancers is running this company on Freelance / Contract basis. As Freelancer SEO, our deliverables includes promotion in Google, Yahoo, MSN and all other major search giants. In addition, Freelance Web Promotion has formed alliances with web hosting and domain name registration companies to benefit it's clients.

seo freelance

Why Freelance SEO?

First and foremost reason for this is Economical Web Promotion at affordable cost. Actually professional companies charge huge amounts for SEO work. Therefore, small and medium scale businesses can make full use of freelance seo. We, as Freelancer SEO, can work at a cheaper, affordable and economical price than professional companies. At the same time, we also assures the quality of the work will not go down as we are aware of all the techniques used in search engine optimization. On one side affordable SEO reduces the costs & at the same time, it drives quality traffic to your website.

Some of our SEO techniques will be:

* Choosing the right keywords for your website after searching keywords online
* Suggesting the right keywords
* Checking keyword competition
* Checking keyword density
* Checking content and description
* Making changes in content, if required
* Incorporation of appropriate Titles and Keywords for all pages
* Developing appropriate links for link building
* Incorporation of anchor keywords
* Optimization of ALT tags

All the above points will lead to a search engine friendly and optimized website, which will rank high in all major search engines on various keywords and phrases.

Why Search Engine Marketing?

Nowadays, so many websites are on the web but without their proper search engine marketing, business cannot be benefited. My aim is to increase traffic to your site through search engine marketing services. By using these sophisticated SEO techniques, your web site will get high rankings in search engines like MSN, Google & Yahoo.
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What we can do as Freelancer SEO ?

* Millions of websites available on internet on thousands of topics.
* 3 major search engine giants - GOOGLE, YAHOO & MSN.
* More than 75% of the internet traffic comes from these search giants.
* Less than 1% people visit, say 10th or 100th result page of a search engine
* More than 90% of people check only 1st and 2nd page of search result.

Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary tool to increase traffic to web site.

You require SEO expert because search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complex job. Search engines changes their algorithms regularly. A full time effort is necessary to stay on top, and only specialists from SEO field will have the expertise.

Let us help you achieve your improved search engine ranking on freelance basis. Our comprehensive understanding of directories, search engines and their associated requirements for submission ensure that your valuable website will be highly placed on the results page. As SEO expert, we know how to strategically improve placement of your website in search engines like Google, MSN & Yahoo. Using it's innovative search engine optimization techniques, Freelance Web Promotion produces search engine marketing campaign that can create more top placements than any other search engine marketing company.

As freelancer SEO specialist, we shall provide you everything you need from one innovative and productive SEO Company.


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