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Getting Started With AdSense

Getting Started With AdSense

Joining AdSense

After you have created your web site completely, go to apply. Most sites are either accepted or rejected within 24 to 48 hours, so you shouldn't have to wait too long to find out if your application has been approved.

Google will review your site before it is accepted into the program. So if your site is too small or does not contain enough original content, it will likely be rejected.

You should have your own domain name . Don't try to create a free Yahoo or AOL site with banners and pop-ups. The freebie web sites have lost a lot of respect over the years, and it may be harder to get your site accepted if it's created on such a shaky foundation.

If you do use a free provider, your site better be exceptionally organized, full of useful content, and cannot have banners and popups all over the place. Free web sites scream "Amateur!" and that may hurt your chances of getting in the program.

Once you're accepted, simply copy and paste the provided HTML code into any page that you'd like to show the ads. If you've done a good job of defining the content on your web pages, the ads that show should be relevant to the content of your page...increasing the chances of click-thrus by your visitors.Chances Of Getting Rejected !

Google has to be very careful about which sites they allow in the program. They don't want to lose the advertiser's dollars.

These are some of the probable reasons making your website rejected.

1) Is your site an "About Me" page? Google does not accept these kinds of personal sites because most of them do not have a specific topic. They are usually just random facts about the web site owner. It would be difficult for Google's technology to display targeted ads on these kinds of pages.

They are looking for "content focused" sites that contain a generous amount of information on a certain topic. It could be anything from sewing tips to hair care techniques. Just make sure there is an obvious theme with original content.

2) Is your site organized? Be sure your site has a neat and clean navigation that's easy to follow. Also ensure all the links work and that there are no typos. Keep the colors to a minimum and make sure each page has a consistent layout.

3) How many pages are on your site? Even though Google doesn't specify a page number requirement, many believe they are looking for web sites with a decent amount of content. Again, it's not likely a two-page site will get accepted. Try to strive for at least 20 pages.

4) Is your content solid? Don't just submit a web site with a bunch of links to other sites. Be sure you have enough original content of your own to make your site unique.

5) Are you receiving enough traffic? Google can get an idea of how much traffic you're receiving by visiting There's no solid proof they check on this, but some believe they do.

Plus, if you're not receiving many visitors, it will be hard to make any decent money with this program anyway. Wait until your site is getting at least 100 unique visitors per day, then apply.

6)Make sure you have read the program policy and procedures carefully and verify your site hasn't violated any of the terms or policies.

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