Tuesday, 26 June, 2007

More Money With Google Keyword Tool

More Money With Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool is a good way of analyzing keywords of your interest and helps in optimizing your content to some extent.Though Google reserves all the rights of information being shared here on the basis of various choice you make to do the query.This is upto your discretion how you interpret and use this information but definitely it gives an insight on how high paid keywords can be targeted in your content.

Google Keyword Tool helps in finding:

-Keyword Search Volume
-Cost And Ad Position Estimates
-Search Volume Trends
-Possible Negative Keywords

for a particular keyword which you are aiming at.It helps to generate synonyms and variations of your existing keywords. Adding these terms to your keyword list can help ensure that you get relevant advertisements.

One can use the Site-Related Keywords tab which suggests keyword ideas. Just enter the URL of your website or of any website related to your business.

As for an illustration, how this tool may help you, I have chosen a keyword 'frankfurt' and queried this tool about search volume by clicking 'Get More Keywords' button.Then you get a list of suggested keywords and what was their search volume in last month.Now you get an information what advertisers are putting on Google for getting their products and services being made visible.You now have a collection of keywords which you can use to develop your website content for targeted ads being displayed .

The next step is to find out probable CPC for a keyword by choosing 'Cost And Ad Position Estimates' option in the drop-down.You have to punch in maximum CPC value for the keyword and currency in which you want to view the results.As you can see in the picture given below, I have chosen USD $ as a currency.Once you get the display then sort it in descending order to get an glimpse of highest paying keywords.The conversion is simple, if you have a high traffic website and your content is optimized for highly paid but relatively lowly targeted keywords then chances are you get a good CTR with more $ coming in your AdSense account.

More $ = High number of clicks on Highly paid Ads which are associated with relatively uniquely searched keyword(s).

Be creative and imaginative to make your content relevant and injected with rightly placed right kind of keywords.Keep changing strategies,content for high conversion performance.

I hope this post may help in developing some insight on high significance of keywords and synonyms associated and maximizing earning potential of your website/blog.

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