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Ten Practical Hot SEO Tips

Ten Practical Hot SEO Tips

My online friends have forced me to put SEO concepts in a nutshell and this post is an attempt to come up to their expectations.I hope it will not only enrich their understanding of some very basics of SEO but applying these practical tips will help them in some way.Here goes the list of ten practical tips on SEO which any one can easily put to practice.

1.Content is the king.It is important to do some Keyword/Phrase Research and to know the keywords for your website otherwise you cannot optimize your contents.I would suggest read articles on SEO which gives you an insight to research on keywords which may help build traffic to your website.Do not get trapped with some dicey consulting firm on SEO for getting your website optimized and promising you high PR in no time.You must do ample verification/authority checking of such SEO resources from people who have been benefited.Be wise while spending your money and time with them.
Build a list of keywords related to your business.Use WordTracker or checkout KeywordCountry.Do following things:

-Page content optimization,it means include keywords in your content in such a way that pages of your website can easily be crawled.
-Content rewriting to make it interesting,useful,rich with your unique keywords,but refrain from spamming of keywords.
-More unique contents means more frequent crawls from different search engines.Avoid duplicate content,search engines come down heavily on such websites and it can majorly affect your PR.
-Write short articles on various forums or content filing directories about your business, highlighting in the title and in the first 90 characters of your article.You can shove these into your last paragraphs.

2.Build Link Profile

-Exchange links with your fellow bloggers who write similar contents.Definitely one way links are better than reciprocal links but having relevant reciprocal links is better than having none.
-TextLink Ads help in building continual traffic to your website.
-Create internal links in the site pointing to other pages within the site—in particular the page optimized for the phrase—using the keyword in the link text
-Build links from other Web sites, pointing to your site, with the keyword in the link text.
-You can get free links from following resources, all you need to do is write an article and link it your website:

Yahoo Answers

3. Add your sites to Google Webmaster tool.Here you can get information related to crawling to your pages,internal and external links details to your website,preferred domain crawl,manage site verification,query stats,page analysis and more.This will help you analyze how google search engine treats your websites.

4.Meta Tag Optimization

You must include the keyword on your pages in important areas, such as within the TITLE tags and in the DESCRIPTION meta-tag.Though this is an old technique, very few search engines use this technique to crawl web pages.

This is how I have configured my Blogger Classic Template with Meta tags which you can put anywhere within head tags of the template.

meta name="keywords" content="<$BlogDescription$,<$BlogTitle$>" /
meta name="robots" content="index, follow"/
meta name="description" content=""<$BlogDescription$>"
Here key is avoid repeating contents in different meta tags.Try to make them unique,optimized and non-repetitive.

If you think it helped you some way then please back link this web page from your website.:-)

5.Submit your articles to free non-reciprocal directories with a high Google PageRank. You can repeat weekly or monthly for best results.
Some important online resource to submit your URLs:
Google Add URL
Alta Vista
Open Directory Project
Yahoo Dir

6.Submit stories to:

and many more popular social book marking websites.Join MyBlogLog,BlogCatalog connect with other bloggers and grow your network.

7.Create blurbs,newsletters,RSS/Atom feeds,EMail subscriptions,podcasts,free ebooks,press releases,advertisements,banners to share,add comments and forum sections in your website.

8.Join relevant online forums,help people in forums,build relations,organize contests/affiliate programs on your websites to create a buzz.

9.Add your websites to Google Analytics to analyse your readers' taste,more popular posts,geographies,keyword analysis and more.

10.Indulge in Article Marketing.It builds links from other websites at an exponential rate.It happens when you have an informative article related to your products and/or services, which contains a link to your website. This article is next submitted for syndication. Various websites will pick it up to use as their web content, and the link to your site is permanently in place on multiple websites.

Article City
Go Articles
Business Know-How
Idea Marketers
Smart Ads

I am sure applying these tips to your websites will surely boost your confidence on your better understanding of your website along with substantial increase in traffic to your website.

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