Saturday, 14 July, 2007

Reinclusion requests

Reinclusion requests

Web sites and domains that have a recent history of being banned from the index may not automatically be reincluded, not even after the offending pages have been removed or reworked. In certain cases where a web site is using a domain that has been banned because of actions of a previous owner, or when a manual penalty was issued, even for web sites that have been corrected to comply with all policies a notification from the webmaster may be needed. This request will send the signal to Google that the problems have been fixed, and it can now re-evaluate the pages. Do a Reinclusion request after you've made entirely sure that the web site in question is now in full respect of all policies and guidelines. Reinclusion requests can be made through the Google Webmaster Tools panel or the Google Webmaster Help Center.

Known issues

The reinclusion request is sometimes mistaken for a tool that is to re-evaluate changes made to a web site, even though the domain in question is not banned or penalized manually. In such cases doing a Reinclusion request will have no effect on the ranking of the web site. It is not a tool to haste crawling of pages that are thought to have been penalized by a filter, but a way to notify Google of a banned or manually penalized web site that is now ready to be re-evaluated. For the lifting of automated penalties, and/or exclusion from under the effect of a filter, you may rely on subsequent crawls recognizing the changes, and adjust the ranking of the site accordingly. If you do not know why your page is penalized or banned, not even after going through all possible on-page and linking pattern factors, you may need to refer to the article on Historic Domain Penalty.

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