Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

Link-Exchange FAQ

Link-Exchange FAQ

Q: What is Link Page Relevance and how does it affect me?

A: Link Page Relevance is being linked on pages with relevant content to yours. Many website owners have a misconception that their link has to appear on websites that have similar content to their own, and if there link is on a website with unrelated content it will hurt their ranks. Well, this statement is almost true, but not completely, please read below.
True: You want your link on pages that have similar content. (the key word is pages)
True: If a software company has a links page category of Flowers and you own a flower site this is a good place for your link to be.
True: If a software company has a links page without Flowers category than you Do Not want your flower site linked on this site.
True: The content or theme of the site Does NOT matter. What does matter is the individual page that you are linked on. As long as they have similar links or content on that individual page, that's good!
False: Link Exchange with non content related sites will hurt your search engine rank.

Q: How do I check to see how many inbound links I have to my site right now?

A: The easiest way is go to yahoo.com. In the search box type in "Link:http://www.yoursite.com" and it will show you the total number of inbound links they have recorded for you.

Q: Are reciprocal links better than non-reciprocal links?

A: We have conducted many studies on this topic and we find that it makes no difference one way or the other. What makes a big difference is being linked on pages with non related content. For Example: You have a Software website that is linked from a Florist website, in the Software category, along with many other Software links. That's Good! What you don't want is to be a Software website linked on a Florist website with other Florist links and no Software links. The Key there is you want to be linked on pages that are content related, regardless of the actual website theme. That is why we have set up many categories for you to choose from.

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